Wrench 59

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April 11, 2017

This is a rough brainstorm for a 60% keyboard made for hacking code. Blue shift keys coorespond to blue legend marks. Bronze FN key cooresponds to bronze legend marks.

Wrench 59

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Design Goals:

  • 60% keyboard good for hacking code.

    • Writing code makes heavy use of symbols and arrow keys. I want a small board designed for hacking code.
  • Move symbols closer to the home-row.

    • Moving symbol keys closer to the center of the board will mean spending less time resetting my hands to home-row position.
  • Top level arrow keys

    • I use arrows all the time when coding, but many 60% boards omit them. So compromises were made to keep them on the top level.
  • Reduce reaching

    • This board is 13.25 horizontal units wide and has a maximum of 13 keys per row. This means less reaching to find keys, which can be especially challenging in combination with holding modifier keys.
  • Do something more useful with caps lock key

    • Caps lock is worthless and it sits on some valuable real-estate. I wanted to use it for something that is more commonly used in hacking code and that something is the apostophe.
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