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July 02, 2017 is a online application that I had the pleasure of working on for Ackmann & Dickenson. It’s one of the largest and most recognizable online applications for homebrewing beer recipes. recipe index

I have many recipes there and it’s still my go to tool for recipe formulation. My personal Brewtoad profile can be found here:

My Role

My role on the Brewtoad team was as a back-end engineer. I built a variety of features with Ruby on Rails, javascript, knockout.js, Postgresql. I also handled deployments as well as maintainance on Rackspace servers.

Homebrew Con

For several years running I represented Brewtoad at Homebrew Con. It was a lot of fun. As a homebrewer and a developer I was perfectly suited to answer questions about how to use the application. Meeting the users and fans of Brewtoad was always a good time.

homebrew con


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