Bananas Against the Dying of the Light

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December 01, 2017

I built a VR prototype over the course of a few weekends and called it Bananas Against the Dying of the Light. All assets are placeholders. All gameplay scripts were created by me with help from the SteamVR Plugin.

The gameplay is very simple. You start the game with four torches which are the only source of light. Skeletons begin walking in from the darkness and if left uninpeded will attack and destroy your torches. If they succeed then lights out, game over, you lose. Thankfully, you have a way to stop them, you can create bananas by pulling the controller trigger. Swing your arm, release the trigger and the banana will fly through the air. After a short fuse the banana will explode, destroying any skeletons caught in the blast radius.

The skeleton, the sword, torches, and scenery are from the Unity Asset Store. The banana is from Turbosquid.

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